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Welcome to the exciting world of pool ownership.
Please take your time in reviewing the
information in this manual and read all of the manufacturers’ instructions that came with your
pool. To operate your pool safely and trouble-free you need to understand the basics of pool
care. If you follow the proper routine maintenance steps within this guide: circulation and
filtration, balanced pool water and a consistent chemical program, your pool water will be
sparkling clean and easy to maintain.
You have heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, this certainly
applies to pool care.
Preventative maintenance will save you time and money in correcting
water problems that could have been avoided while protecting your pool and equipment from
damage caused by imbalanced pool water. The amount of water in your pool is a figure you
will reference often for chemical adjustments.
If you do not know the water capacity of your
pool click you can use
™ software to calculate by clicking on Test Water at
main menu and entering the dimensions of your pool. We recommend that you fill out the
Owner’s record in your Pocket Pal, recording your pool’s water capacity, equipment models,
serial numbers, etc.
This information along with any warranty papers and owner’s manuals
that came with your pool should be kept on file for future use.
As a pool owner it is your responsibility to make your pool
environment as safe as possible. Please read all of the safety
information provided with your pool and follow the
swimming pool
information contained within this manual. Remember, warning
signs or notices supplied by manufacturers MUST be posted or
applied where they are visible to pool users.
Remember, your pool
professional is always available to help you with any questions or
pool problems that may arise. They appreciate your business and
have offered
you this
Pool Pal™
to ensure your pool will
operate smoothly providing years of family fun & relaxation
Throughout this pool manual you will find links in
blue text
you click on these links you will open additional documents to view
more information on that subject (all contained within this program).
Click on the lower X in the right corner of the toolbar or the green
back arrow at the bottom of the page to return to the previous page.
Questions or technical concerns related to
the operation of your pool or equipment should be
directed to your pool dealer.
Questions or technical concerts regarding
your pool manual
should be
sent via e-mail
to Pool Software customer support
, mail to:
We hope you find your Pool Pal™ to be a helpful resource in better understanding the basics
of pool care, maintenance and water chemistry and wish you years of health and enjoyment in
your new pool.