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in colder climates where your pool are “winterized” and covered you
will want to follow these steps #1-9. In a milder climate where you
have not winterized your pool, but simply reduced your chemical
routine you can begin with the instructions for chemical start-up.
1. Remove standing water and debris from winter cover.
For water removal use a cover
pump or siphon. *(Note: if you notice your water level is dropping there may be pinholes in
your cover at which time you would be draining water from your pool from atop your cover)
Try to avoid the water and debris on top of the cover from entering the pool water while
removing. Once removed clean the winter cover with a cover cleaner- allow to dry (to
prevent mildew and deterioration)- and fold for storage until fall. *(Do not lay cover out in
yard to dry- it will burn and kill the grass in a very short time)
2. Remove any winter plugs, closing plates or freeze protectors from skimmer or return inlets.
Install skimmer basket and directional “eyeballs” in inlets.
3. Check water level and if necessary add fill water to bring pool water to proper level- ½ to
2/3 up on the skimmer opening.
4. Using a leaf net or leaf bagger remove leaves and debris from water, floor.
5. Connect all hoses, pump and motor and filter system.
See your Filter owner’s manual that
came with your pool for complete instructions on hooking up your filter system- clean or
replace filter media if necessary. Make sure all drain plugs have been reinstalled in pump
and motor, filter, chlorinator, etc.
Lubricate all o-rings (pump strainer lid, filter, valves,
unions, chlorinator lid, etc) with an o-ring lubricant and replace any that are worn, cracked
or stretched. Be sure all equipment is in good working order.
6. Prime pump if necessary (if non-priming or above water level) and start circulation/filtration.
7. Vacuum the pool. A thorough manual vacuuming is usually recommended, see
*If there is a lot of fine debris or sediment covering the floor you may want to vacuum to
waste if this is an option on your filter system *See your filter manual.
8. Prior to adding any chemicals you should have your water tested-especially if you suspect
metals or minerals may be present in your pool.
It is better to treat metals in the water prior
to adding any chlorine. Your pool dealer can provide you with a complete water analysis
and treatment.
9. Re-install all equipment and accessories. Check the diving board, slide, stairs and ladders
for any signs of looseness or corrosion. Tighten all hardware replace any necessary
Once your water has been tested and is in balance you can begin treatment with Sanitizer
program of your choice.
Sanitizing your Pool
in this manual for detailed instructions.