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To keep your pool clean it will be necessary to vacuum the pool floor to remove dirt and debris.
When vacuuming you are using your pool pump with vacuum attached to skimmer to pull dirt
and debris from the pool floor to be trapped inside of your filter-
returning the water back to the pool. You should vacuum your pool on
a regular basis, generally once a week- or as needed. If your looking
for a little less maintenance there are a variety of automatic cleaners
available today for all pool types and budgets.
Your pool dealer will
be happy to recommend a pool cleaner that is right for you.
Your manual vacuum consists of a vacuum head, vacuum hose,
telescopic pole and (optional) skim-vac plate.
The Vacuum head
attaches to the telescopic pole, the hose slips onto the vacuum head
on one end- (if you have a swivel end on your hose attach the swivel
cuff end to the vacuum head) the other hose end will slip onto the
skim-vac or directly into the suction opening in the skimmer- follow the steps below before
attaching the vacuum hose in the skimmer or skim-vac.
Before vacuuming you should:
Check the water level- should be at the ½ way point of skimmer opening.
A lower water
level could cause the pump to loose prime while vacuuming.
Check the skimmer basket- empty if needed.
The skimmer basket will remain in place
when using a skim-vac.
The skim-vac will sit over the skimmer basket with a fitting in
which to attach your vacuum hose. If you are not using a skim-vac you will need to
remove the skimmer basket in order to connect the vacuum hose to the suction
Check the pump strainer basket-clean if necessary.
Check the filter pressure- backwash if necessary.
You are now ready to prime the vacuum hose
Submerge the vacuum head (already attached to pole and hose
With the filter running hold the free end of hose in front of the return wall fitting to purge
the hose of any air and fill with water.
When you no longer see any air bubbles coming
from the vacuum head the hose is primed.
Hold the hose underwater to maintain the prime while connecting to the skimmer. The
hose can usually fit through the front of the skimmer opening (weir door may need to be
where you can slip onto skim-vac plate or insert into suction opening.
skimmers have a suction port below the mouth of the skimmer in which you can attach
your vacuum hose.