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Cartridge filters consist of a tank that contains 1 or more pleated elements
or cartridges where dirt and debris of 25-100
in size are trapped
within the pleats. Minimal maintenance and less water loss than filters
requiring backwashing are advantages unique to the cartridge filter.
Cartridge filters do not require backwashing but the cartridge element itself
is removed and cleaned, generally every 6 months or 1 to 2 times per
season. Cartridge filters utilize the debris they collect as an aid to improve
filtration. As a result, cleaning too often does not allow the filter to work at
optimum filtration efficiency, while not cleaning often enough will shorten
the life of a cartridge element. When the pressure gauge rises 8 to 10 psi above the “normal”
or starting reading you should follow the steps below to remove and clean the cartridge
element or follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with your filter. The cartridge
element should generally be replaced every 3 seasons (or when cleaning no longer allows
adequate flow and reduced pressure).
General Cleaning Instructions for Cartridge filters
1. Shut off pump & motor.
Release pressure in the tank by loosening the air relief bleeder valve.
Cartridge filters operate under high pressure. When any part of the circulating system (e.g. Lock ring,
pump, filter, valves, etc.) is serviced, air can enter the system and become pressurized. Pressurized air
can cause the lid to blow off which can result in severe injury, death, or property damage.
3. Remove filter top or lid.
4. Remove cartridge element and thoroughly hose element top to bottom holding the
nozzle at a 45 degree angle, and wash all the pleats with emphasis between pleats
using a high-pressure hose.
5. Soaking the cartridge element in a filter cleaner several hours or overnight will
provide a thorough cleaning.
use a filter cleaner or TSP (tri sodium
phosphate) if using a biguanide sanitizer such as Baquacil® or Soft Swim®. If a
biguanide program is used as a sanitizer, the filter element must be cleaned
with a biguanide filter cleaner before any cartridge cleaner is used.
If trisodium
phosphate (TSP) or any TSP type cleaner is used a gum-like substance will
form. Once this occurs, the substance cannot be removed from the media and
the filter cartridge must be replaced.
6. Rinse cartridge element and replace in tank.
Release pressure in the tank by loosening the air relief bleeder valve,
leave open until pump is on and a steady stream of water runs out.
8. Replace filter top and secure lock ring.
Cartridge elements should generally be replaced every 3 years. When cleaning the cartridge
no longer provides a decrease in pressure and increased return flow it may be time to replace
the cartridge element. Refer to the manufacturers’ owners manuals on the following page for
detailed instructions on cleaning, maintenance and winterizing of a cartridge filter.