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There are a variety of automatic pool cleaners available today that will keep your pool
looking great, while saving you time and money. Your pool professional can recommend
the type of cleaner and brand best suited to your pool type and budget.
cleaners not only remove dirt and debris but also improve your pool’s circulation.
are four types of automatic cleaners:
Battery Powered
Hand Held, Suction, Pressure,
Robotic Type.
BATTERY POWERED (Self-contained)
These battery-powered, hand held cleaners snap onto any telescopic pole and
require no installation or assembly. Using a rechargeable battery and a reusable,
easy-to-clean, filter bag they collect leaves, hair, dirt, and even sand, silt and
algae which means dirt and debris stay out of your filter.
Suction type cleaners attach to your skimmer using the filtration system of your pool working
from the suction side in the same way you attach your manual vacuum.
The dirt and debris
collected by suction cleaner is drawn into the pool filter.
Operating from your existing equipment
these automatic cleaners move effortlessly with no additional costs. Suction type automatic
cleaners’ aid in your pool’s circulation by dispersing chemicals and water temperatures from
bottom to top more efficiently.
coil the vacuum hose from any automatic cleaner into a circle,
store straight.
A coiled hose will create a memory that can impede a cleaner’s performance.
with and without booster pumps
Pressure cleaners are powered by the force of the clean water coming back into your pool
through the return inlets. There are two types of pressure style cleaners- those that rely on your
filter’s return water pressure only and those that use an independent pump and motor
specifically to boost the return water pressure to operate the cleaner.
Both styles will have a
bag or storage compartment to collect the dirt and debris it collects.
These filter bags need to
be emptied and cleaned but will in turn eliminate the debris from entering your filter system.
As they clean your pool they enhance circulation by dispersing the chemicals and filtered water
throughout the pool. These cleaners sometimes have long tentacles or whips that sweep interior
surfaces of your pool, pushing leaves and debris into the filter bag.
This category of cleaners operate completely independent of your pool’s pump / filtration system
and without the cost of installation or booster pumps as robotic cleaners have their own pump
motor and reusable filter system built-in. The robots internal filtration enables reductions of
debris entering main pool filtration systems and thus cleaning the main filter by as much as
Additionally, robots can scrub your pool clean as it vacuums and filters. Their powerful
circulation capabilities mix warm chemically depleted water above to mix with cooler chemically
rich water below to provide more uniform and healthier swimming water. To operate, simply
plug in their compact power supply into a grounded outlet, and the thin floating power cord into
that and these low voltage (usually just 24v) robots will automatically clean at the touch of a