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In a sand filter the pool water passes through the pump housing and enters the
sand filter through the multiport valve head, which controls the directional flow of
the water. As water passes through a bed of filter sand (silica quartz) dirt is
trapped in the sand bed and clean filtered water is returned to the pool. When
the filter becomes dirty- pressure builds in the sand filter and the water flow
returning to your pool decreases. When you initially start your sand filter you will
want to make a mental note of the “normal” or “starting pressure”, when your
pressure gauge increases approx. 10 psi from that point you should clean the
sand by backwashing the filter. Sand filters with a single speed pump should run a minimum
of 8 to 12 hours a day. Filters with 2-speed pumps should run 24 hours a day on low-speed.
Backwashing involves reversing water flow through the filter and sending dirt through a waste
line. A valve on the filter tank will direct the water to control backwashing and other functions.
When using a rotary multiport valve on a sand filter be sure to shut off the pump and motor
before changing valve positions. The o-ring inside of the valve, tank and pump and motor
should be lubricated at least once each season with an o-ring lubricant. DO NOT
Vaseline® as the petroleum can breakdown the rubber material, use only Teflon or silicone
based o-ring lubricant.
Filter sand should be replaced every 1 to 2 seasons. When replacing sand use only swimming
pool filter quartz referred to as #20 silica sand, or filter sand alternative, zeolite,
play sand. Natural zeolite offers a unique three-dimensional-honeycomb structure and rough,
pitted surface that make it a highly effective trap for fine particulates and ammonium ions.
Natural zeolites formed millions of years ago when alkaline salt water altered deposits of
volcanic ash. When replacing sand be careful of the bottom laterals (slotted tubes) at the
bottom of the filter tank.
Check laterals for cracks and replace if necessary.
The following are GENERAL guidelines for operating a sand filter. Detailed instructions on
sand filter operation can be found below or in the owner’s manual on the following pages.
1. Set up the system on its base.
2. After removing the valve, fill the tank approximately halfway with water.
3. Cover the center standpipe and slowly add the specified amount of sand *see owners
instructions. DO NOT use play sand- use only swimming pool filter silica sand or zeolite.
4. Replace valve and seal tank.
5. Connect the hoses from pool and inlet to valve head, use screw clamps to tighten.
6. Turn valve handle to backwash and turn on pump and motor for 30 seconds to one
minute. This will flush out system prior to circulating.
7. Stop motor and set valve to rinse turn on pump and motor for an additional 30 seconds.
8. Stop motor and set valve to filter. You are now in normal operation.
9. Open air relief bleeder valve and start pump and motor. When water sprays from air relief
you can hand tighten.
10. Note the reading on your filter’s pressure gauge. This is your normal starting pressure.
You will reference this number when you need to backwash your filter.