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A winter cover is a must to keep your pool water clean and free from dirt, leaves and debris,
eliminating costly maintenance and spring clean up.
Above ground covers are secured with a wire rope and
tightening winch that runs through grommets in the cover.
When securing cover with cable, cord or other mounting
device, make sure the cable, cord, etc. is positioned over
the top of the thru-the-wall skimmer and
If you feel that the cable
that attaches the cover to the pool is too tight and is pulling up on the pool ledge
s, or is creating excessive stress on the pool, release the cable at once to prevent
damage to the pool.
Inground covers should be secured using water tubes.
Just fill with
water, allowing room in the water tubes for expansion when the water
freezes, and place around the perimeter of the pool.
Keep an accumulation of 1” to 2” of water on the cover to prevent cover
from flapping or dislodging during high winds. If ice forms on cover, do
not tamper with ice or attempt to remove, leave ice until it melts. Before
removing cover in the spring be sure to siphon off all excess water resting on pool cover.
It is essential that you monitor the amount of water, snow and ice on the top of
your pool during the winter months.
Inspect your pool cover and remove any excess
accumulation of water from the top of the pool cover.
The weight of too much water, ice and
snow load on the cover will cause stress and possibly damage to the pool cover.
Do not allow
excessive water more than 1”- 2” to accumulate on the winter cover.
Leaf Nets are a great addition to your winter cover. The Leaf Net cover
keeps leaves and debris out of your pool.
The fine mesh allows water to
pass through while trapping leaves, twigs, and other debris.
Leaf nets
easily attach to the winter cover with grommets and prolong the life of the
Spring clean up of your pool cover is much easier, as all debris
comes off of your pool cover in one simple motion.
A pool or spa safety cover is a manual or motorized barrier that can be placed over the water’s
surface, and is easily opened or closed. Pool and spa safety covers are a great way to pool
safely, because visually they say, “not open” for use to curious
children. Safety covers for pools can be manual or motorized, while
covers for spas are generally manual. When a safety cover is properly
in place over the pool or spa, it provides a high level of safety for
children less than 5 years of age by inhibiting their access to the
water. To maintain that high level of security, it’s important to remove
ladders and slides when using covers on pools
Manual spring anchored safety covers that anchor to the pool deck will stretch
taunt over the pool area, attached to the pool deck by a series of brass anchors
and stainless steel springs. Safety covers made of mesh, solid or light blocking
materials all offer specific advantages. Mesh safety covers provide a shield over
the pool area while allowing rain and melting snow to drain through, so the top of the cover
never becomes a dangerous, slippery hazard (there have been cases of children and pets that
have drowned in the collected rainwater).