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SANITIZING with Other Chemical Treatment Programs
In addition to halogen based sanitizers (chlorine & bromine), biguanides and salt generator
systems there are chemical treatment programs that we have classified as “Other”.
These may
combine low doses of chlorine or other oxidizers to sanitize the water, but each has a specific
product or treatment regime that it is unique.
Some of these programs include:
E-Z Pool
Pristine Blue
It is important that you follow the specific chemical recommendations described in each of these
programs, as they may have certain chemical parameters that differ from those recommended in
the basic water chemistry section.
You should also check to be sure if there are any chemicals or
products that are NOT compatible with your sanitizer program.
There may be certain algaecides,
alternative sanitizers and or specialty chemicals that should not be used in conjunction with your
treatment program.
Each chemical program requires specific handling and storage precautions.
Please read and
follow all label directions as well as the safety recommendations listed in
Chemical Safety
. In
all cases chemicals should be kept in a dry location out of the reach of children.